10 blog directories to submit your blog to

OK, so you started a blog and now you want to get it out there. Truth is, if you took time to start a blog, then you should take time to advertise it so that others can enjoy what you're sharing. A blog directory is a place you can submit your blog so that others can find it as well as a place for you to connect with other bloggers. It's a great way to build those bridges to get your name/blog out there. Here are ten blog directories to submit your blog to.

Technorati - This is a great site and probably the most popular and recognized. If you want to advertise your blog this is the first place to go.

Blog catalog - Personally this is the one I enjoy the most. It has a great area for people to share about their blogs and find others willing to help them.

Blogged - I enjoyed Blogged, it was one of the first blog directories I joined and I see my site getting traffic from it. So it’s definitely worth the ten minutes it will take to submit your blog too.

My Blog Log - This is another fun site that I enjoy, it’s a great place to meet other bloggers and get your name and site out with.

On Top List - This is a free site that will also help you to build relationships with other bloggers. Great place to start building those important connections that will help you get your site out there.

Blog Flux - A very well organized and visually pleasing directory (a lot of directories aren’t).

Blogrankings - This is a great directory and a lot of bloggers use it. They will rank your page and place your ranking on your blog if you so desire.

Blog top sites - Straight forward directory, very easy to navigate.

Top blog area - A nicely made site for you to submit your blog too. Again, it never hurts to submit your blog to many of these sites to help get the word out about you.

Blog ratings - Lastly, this is a site I enjoy. Add your blog here and continue to find directories to add too!

Well I hope that this helps, if you have questions or other directories to submit, leave a comment below.

Enjoy this day,

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Leigh said...

This is a useful list I belong to Blogcatalog and a few of the others.

the petersons said...

Thanks, glad it's useful to you. Keep up the bloggin.

Natural Health Goodies said...

Thanks for a great list. I've been looking at a couple blog directories and was wondering if there are disadvantages to joining multiple blog directories. It seems some just republish your content within their site - wouldn't that count against you if your site was considered duplicate content by the search engines?

the petersons said...

It doesn't seem like it would count against you. I only say that because everyone who I see trying to gain web traffic use TONS of directories. I have enjoyed joing the few that I have and I see visitors on most days coming from those sites. Hope this helps NHG, if you have more questions feel free to ask.

brentmanke said...

thanks for the tips!

the petersons said...

No worries Brent, I hope you find it useful. I would especially recommend blogcatalog.