Vikings vs Cowboys game recap

I was shocked to say the least by this game. Of course, I was pleasantly surprised (which let’s be honest, is the best way to be surprised). The Vikings played an almost complete game and it’s been a LONG time since we have. To see our defense completely control a good Cowboys team was great. Ray Edwards played easily the best game of his career and the Favre to Rice combo was efficient. It would have been nice to see our running game do better, AD particularly didn’t see much light. On a side note, I love Chestor Taylor and hope we can do whatever we need to, to keep him.

I’m left with another thought as well, does Chris Kluwe look pretty creepy? I felt like each time he came out of the field he looked more like a computer geek then an NFL punter… but I guess, what do punters look like? Maybe Chris Kluwe looks normal in the world of NFL punters. Either way, he kicked an incredible game and was a big part of us keeping our momentum as well as keeping the ‘boys in check.

Glad to see us get tons of turnovers and to not give any up. Holding the 'boys to 3 is pretty unreal and hopefully sends a statement to the Saints.

Enjoy this day,

P.S. I wrote this recap with about 7 minutes left in the game… just shows how well Minny controlled it.

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