Giving, Getting, and Growing

For me coming to China was a dream come true. Why? You may ask. Well, I love the adventure of it, I love change, I can’t stand doing the same thing in the same place too long (unless it’s challenging me) and I love getting to know the Chinese people around me and sharing my life with them. It's my desire to help them in whatever way I can... I mean, I have so much to offer (that’s a joke).

Since literally the first month I lived here I’ve had a close Chinese friend in Lawrence (whom I’ve written about on my other blog http://petersonchina.blogspot.com, from time to time). When we first met I was excited at the possibility of getting to know him and also investing in him, I mean I have so much to offer and all (again, that’s a joke).

But what I’ve realized is that I’ve need Lawrence far more then he’s needed me. I’ve learned a lot about being friends from him and I’m continually blessed by his friendship.

It’s funny when we think we’re gonna give someone something or help somebody out who’s “deserving” of our time/efforts… and find out that it’s them who’s giving to us.

We can never allow ourselves to stop learning and growing. We need to humbly accept each lesson that comes with life. If we stop doing these things we can never fully reach what we could become. I know I have a long ways to go.

Like I said, I can’t stand being in the same place doing the same things too long, but maybe I should also realize I don’t want to be the same person too long. May each day grow us and continually shape us and our talents.

Enjoy this day,

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