Super Bowl Prediction

First off, as a Vikings fan I have no desire to watch this game… which is nice since I live in China and won’t be able to watch the game anyways. It would be hard not to imagine what it would have been like to have Favre in a Vikings uniform playing in a Super Bowl.

But the game will still be played, even without the beloved Purple and I think it will be the Colts who win it. No one can hang with Peyton Manning… fact. He’s too good and he’s got enough talent around him to ensure that the Colts will be the winners this Sunday. I like Brees though, and I hope he has a good game, but in the end the Colts will be too much for the Saints.

Colts 31
Saints 17

Enjoy this day,

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NTW said...

Good prediction.

the petersons said...

Thanks. I hope I'm on, I had the score for the NFC Championship right, but not the teams... and as a Vikes fan that sucks. Should be a good game.

Nathan said...

We'll see, I always pick the loser of the game and I've picked the Colts. I'll have fun watching the game at the Cobbs house and I wish you and J could be there.

the petersons said...

Nathan, you're like the "cooler" of the super bowl. You should have written both teams and told them your history, then whatever team paid you the most money would be your super bowl winner. Next year. Dude, totally wish I could be at the Cobb's with you guys. Sad face.