Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson Book Review

Simply put, this was an amazing book. Here are a few reasons why. So many books we pick up to read are out of our minds as soon as we’re finished with the last page. But reading Three Cups of Tea left me with a different impression, the impression that long after I’ve closed this book it will continue to impact me. I guess we call that inspiration, if so, this book is very inspiring.

This story is about a man named Greg Mortenson who travels to Pakistan with hopes of climbing K2. He fails to summit K2 and on his way down from the mountain ends up in a small Pakistani village and his life as well as many, many more are forever changed. As Greg surveys the condition of this particular village he sees an incredible need for a proper school and teacher to give the children an education. And with that simple but powerful revelation he begins his quest to build them a school. As Greg builds this school he finds that there are many more needs and villages that are desperate for their children to be educated.

Time after time his work is threatened by powerful enemies and difficult situations. These accounts were incredible to read about and time after time we see Greg emerge with even more of a passion to educate people in the Pakistan area (and later Afghanistan).

In an interesting twist Greg’s story begins to be intertwined with history as it unfolded in the events leading up to and after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. In what starts as educating children to fight poverty (and the struggles associated with it) also ends up being about fighting terrorism through hope and peace. Giving kids books in this region would end terrorism better than any amount of bombs is one of the many conclusions Greg comes to… and I would agree with him.

This was an incredible book and I would suggest it to anyone. I also look forward to reading Greg’s next book about his continued work in Afghanistan.

Enjoy this day,

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Nathan said...

Thanks Matt! Sounds like this was an motivating book. I hadn't heard of it, but after reading your review, I saw it at Target last night. I might just make the big leap and buy it.

the petersons said...

Yeah Nathan I don't think that you'll be disappointed with this one.

Casey said...

Matt, I knew you would like it. I'm looking forward to getting a hold of his next one soon. I finished the book you recommended and loved it too (The Same Kind of Different).

I enjoy reading your blog.

the petersons said...

Thanks Casey for the recommending this book. I'm glad you liked the one I recommended. If I get ahold of Stones to Schools I will let you know what I think. Glad you like reading the blog. Hope all is well for you and your family!