How to Save Money

How are you doing? I found a great way to save money, here’s how it happened:

So tonight my wife and I were preparing to go on a date and we skimmed through a coupon book that was the size of War and Peace. After spending an eternity looking for a coupon, we gave up. All the coupons were to obscure hole-in-the-wall dives, where you fear for your life every time you drive by them. But I was offered a great piece of advice in my time of need. Online coupons.

After two minutes on Google I found and printed off a $5 coupon to Olive Garden. I went to the restaurant, and to my surprise, they took it.

Now I know that some of you reading this could care less about saving $5, but you know what, $5, is $5, and I would rather it be in my pocket, then Olive Garden’s bank account. (Who knows what kinda sketchy and seedy things those people at Olive Garden are up to)

So that’s my tip of the day, save some money and before you go out shopping or dining, check online to see if there is a coupon to be used.

Enjoy this day,

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