Most Beautiful Places in the World

I've had the joy of traveling to many different places over the past 7 years, here are the most beautiful places. In no particular order they read:

Medellin, Colombia - Medellin, was once a place of terrible drug wars and the home of Pablo Escobar. Honestly, I heard when we were there that only 15 years ago you could have someone killed in a drive-by for like $5 or $10 bucks. I mean that’s crazy. I will never forget driving around the outskirts of this city which is cradled on all sides by mountains, as soon as the city came into view below us, in this naturally shaped bowl, I was shocked by its beauty. And that wasn’t even the most amazing sight. That came late one night when I stepped outside to run and get a Coke or some candy (I’m guessing, but I know myself well) and when I began my walk down the street I looked up to the surrounding mountains to find that they were lit up by the lights of homes that climbed the steep mountain side. It was an amazing site to see. These memories sold me on the beauty of Medellin.

Thailand (To be more specific, an island, but I forget the name of it) - The Thai people are amazing, that can’t be understated enough. There’s a saying I heard once, Thai people have 8 types of smiles, one for when they’re mad, one for when they’re disappointed, one for when they’re sad, ect. Point being, Thai people are friendly. We spent a month in Thailand and for two weeks we had the privilege of staying in little cabins on an island just off of the Thai coast. It was beautiful and the food was amazing. If I ever win the lottery (which everyone does at least once in life, right?) I would have this as one of the places to go.

Colorado - I called her home for 5 years. Living near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains was a real treat. Being able to just drive an hour (if that) and find yourself surrounded by mountains was incredible.

Hong Kong - Hong Kong is a breathe takingly beautiful place. I love getting the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong and experience all this city has to offer. At night, taking the tram to the top of Mount Victoria and seeing Hong Kong lit up by its night lights is amazing. Also, TONS of amazing parks within the city, that are awesome to spend an afternoon at.

Minnesota (only cause my mom will kill me if I don’t mention it) - Seriously if I write a blog post about the most beautiful places I’ve been and I don’t include Minnesota, I’m signing my death wish for the next time I see my mom. To Minnesotans, it’s that serious, that you would end your son’s life, because he didn’t acknowledge Minnesota’s beauty. It truly is a beautiful place though. After seeing more of America since leaving Minnesota I’ve become aware of how much we have that all comes together there. We have trees, lakes, rivers and even the flat farm land that some crazy people enjoy. As a kid my Dad and I would go up north do the Minnesota/Canada border to hike and you would always come away with a fresh reminder of the beauty Minnesota has. I’m glad to call her my home.

Montana (only cause my in-laws will kill me if I don’t mention it) - Again, if I don’t include this one I will have trouble next time I see relatives. I would always tease my wife about Montana being one of the worst places in the world, but then I actually saw Montana with my own eyes and was truly amazed. I think that there are a few different reasons a place would land on this list, but Montana is here because of its quietness and simple beauty. Sitting up on a hill looking in every direction with only the wind against your face as a companion, has a deep value to it, a value not experienced in many other places. I love Montana’s mountains and landscape; the people aren’t half bad either.

Canada - That’s a joke.

Well that’s it, hope you enjoyed reading this, feel free to add your favorite travel locations in the comment area.

Enjoy this day,

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