Dieting tips - drink Citrucel

So I was recently given a weight lose tip that I now fully support (I was a skeptic at first). The tip is that when you’re hungry at night, chug a glass of Citrucel.

Citrucel is a fiber substitute (they call it Smartfiber) that you add to water. The thing is, it turns into a thick jello (If you don’t drink it fast enough you will see if happen in your glass). It’s supposed to help you stay regular, but it also leaves you feeling full.

So at night, when that late night snack craving monster comes around, just drink a glass of Citrucel and you’ll feel full and be able to resist the urge to eat a big snack before bed. Or at least it’s helped me in a big way to do this.

Hope that this tip helps you succeed in losing some weight.

Enjoy this day,

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