Brett Favre and December

It pains me to say this, but was green bay right about Brett Favre? It’s December and we’re falling apart. Brett went from a serious MVP contender only three short weeks ago to all of the sudden re-enforcing all his critics. We’ve had two bad losses, one to the Cardinals (which are a completely respectable team), and another to the lowly undermanned Panthers. Luckily, the Panthers just blew out the Giants and Matt Moore (the Panthers backup QB) looked good, which helped the Vikings pride level a little bit.

But bad loses this late in the season can be either really good or really bad. They can help humble a team and get it refocused, or it can crush the momentum and confidence that is needed heading into the playoffs.

This week is a big game (vs. the Bears), we need our defense to step up and we need Favre to be the Brett we saw weeks 1-12. And a lot of this has to do with Peterson getting some big gains early on.

And as much as it pains me to say this as well, I sincerely hope we don’t have to play the Packers again. Playing a division rival 3 times in one season and winning each game is a tough challenge. It would be a highly emotional game against a very hot Green Bay Packers team...

On another note, it’s great to see the Saints also falling apart. Come on Viks we can do this!

Enjoy this day,

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Matt, Heather, Sydney and little Aubrey said...

Babe I love you, but the "Viks" as you so lovingly call them, are finished! Brett came out as the hero but has now dropped the ball and has left his team hanging without a leader. The "Viks" are all mental cases and can't be pulled back once they've taken even the smallest of beatings. Once again I repeat I love you, but it's over! (I hope for our sake I eat my words.)

Matt, Heather, Sydney and little Aubrey said...

You're right about the Vikings... Let's just hope they don't have to play the Montana ____???? Oh, that's right Montana doesn't have a team. Sad... really, sad.

Jeremy and Jenny said...

I think the Vikings are going to do much better. Their offensive line is the problem here in my opinion. They just need to step it up. They were horrible. Nobody should be able to get through a 6'8" 335 pound man (Bryant McKinnie). They'll shape up this week and make a statement, I'm sure of it.

the petersons said...

Well brother I hope you're right. I do agree though that it's the offensive lines fault that; A) Peterson can't run and B) that Favre has no time right now and is taking a beating.

If the Bears beat us this game I will burn everything I own that's Vikings related.

Andis Kaulins said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

I have subscribed to a couple of yours.

So, you are a Vikings fan?

I am Canadian but I had grandparents who lived in Minneapolis.

Way back in '74, I was able to see the Vikings play the Dolphins in an exhibition game at Met Stadium

the petersons said...

Yeah I'm a Vikings fan. They're the only team I follow. Dude that's cool that you got to catch a game at Met Stadium. And I'm glad I could leave a comment on your blog.