Missing things I never cared about

So Culture Shock is a term for what you experience as you move to a new place. It can be feelings of; loneliness, depression, or even anger towards your new situation. When you move overseas it can be really intense for the first couple years. It can break you down mentally and even cause you to give up on your new life in your new environment.

It also can make you miss the most random things. It’s funny because when my mom mails us packages she always tucks some candy in with whatever she’s mailing. Sometimes it’s candy I never would have bought in the States, but as soon as my eyes see the candy in those packages I instantly hide it so that my loved ones won’t find it. (OK it’s not that intense, but close)

In Beijing you can get Root Beer (you can’t in Xian). And in the States I liked root beer, but not that much. Well when I get my hands on one here I enjoy it as if it’s the most expansive and sought after drink in all the world… and… its just root beer.

It’s interesting to me that some of the things I enjoy most here are things I could have cared less about in America. My day is made when I get to eat/drink something I walked past a million times in stores scattered throughout America.

What would be something you would miss if you moved overseas? Leave your comments below.

Enjoy this day,

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Jeremy and Jenny said...

Hot & Spicy Chex Mix as well as Jalepeno Chips!

the petersons said...

Dude you know it! But that's not the same, because I love that in the States.

Cody said...

I hear Reese's is hard to come by as well. Also Chinese KFC is this weird sort of Chish (thats chicken and fish put together. Chicken flavor, fish texture). Christmas got very busy for us and we are working getting a few care packages together for some great friends. Let us know if you need anything!

the petersons said...

Reese's are tough to come by. KFC is nasty... I really can't describe it anyother way. They do have a burrito (of sorts) that's pretty good, but that's it. We will let you know if we need anything, that's awesome that you guys want to do that. I hope your Christmas was a good one!

Casey said...

It might not be very encouraging, but you'll probably have waves of Culture Shock well beyond two years. And it sucks each and every time.

I've just found Reese's in Bangkok and I bought six packs. Payed for them and opened one pack to savor right there with the little check out lady watching me in wonder.

Doritos and what are the corn chips called, something like Fritos? Yeah I would have never thought too much about those before, but I'd give my left arm to have a bag right now.

But I also find that the longer you are away from these things in the states, when you go back, you can only have so much before you're like... "yeah I can do without it."

the petersons said...

Dude I'm glad you could land some Reese's they are amazing. And thanks for the heads up about culture shock lasting longer then two years... now when it hits and we've been here a while I will know I'm not the only one.

Yeah, we haven't been back to the States yet since coming, but I'm sure we will feel the same way about the things we "missed" in China.