Mark McGwire did what?!

Mark McGwire confesses to using steroids and in other news the Pope confesses he’s catholic. Even though I was a mere fifteen years old I can still remember the ’98 baseball season. Well, specifically the race to break the single season homerun record between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. What a joke.

Even as a fifteen year old it was obvious to me that something was a bit fishy about the whole thing. I mean, for nearly 40 years NO ONE came close to touching the single season homerun record…. And then in one season two guys are both chasing it. How did we even buy into this? Of course, they were cheating!

And you know what, baseball desperately needed the players to cheat and draw interest back in its flailing sport, because after the ’94 lockout most people had moved on from baseball. He cheated and he confessed, but Mark McGwire may have single handedly (well not technically since Sosa was also needed) saved the sport of baseball.

I do feel bad for McGwire though. Its easy to write something from the comfort of my computer, never having had to live with the pressures he has had to face. I do hope that with his admission he's able to unload the burden he's been carrying. I also hope the best for you Mark!

Enjoy this day,

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Jeremy and Jenny said...

"Mark McGwire confesses to using steroids and in other news the Pope confesses he’s catholic." --LOL

the petersons said...

Glad you liked it, as I typed I thought it was gold.

Mayur said...

Nice thoughts! I spent about a hour reading your posts and experiences. I really appreciate the way you think about a situation.
I'm Mayur from India. I blog Tutkiun!- A technology and programming blog. Would like to hear more from your blog in future. :)

the petersons said...

Mayur, thanks for the encouragement! Glad you found my site entertaining. Come back often as I try to post every day or two! See ya around.