The Vikings and my broken heart

I tell myself that it will get better, but it simply won’t. Being a Vikings fan has to be one of the dumbest things to support. They (the Vikes) provide some amazing moments, do you remember Greg Lewis in the back of the endzone as time expired? Or what about BOTH games against our hated brothers from Wisconsin? Or last week’s pummeling of Dallas? Yes, it’s true, the Vikings do give its fans some great moments. I mean I could be a fan of; the Lions, the Browns, the Bills, or the Bears, any one of these would be far worse.

But instead fate has aligned me with the Vikings, and although they do give us the moments I mentioned above, they also give us goodies like; the ’98 NFC Championship where we also lost by a field goal, the ’99 NFC Championship where we were embarrassed to the point where we block this game out of our memories, and finally the gem we witnessed this past weekend.

Not to despair, but how can we improve? We had all the pieces, mainly Favre, and will not have this talented of a roster next season…. So what hope do we have of another Super Bowl run? This was our moment and we missed it. I hope it’s not another 10 years before we’re in the NFC Championship again, but if we are, I should expect it to end much like this season’s did.

Like a boyfriend who’s been betrayed I promise myself I won’t go back to her (the Vikings), and I swear I won’t get wrapped up in her upcoming life (the draft and free agency), but who am I kidding? I know that when next season starts I will faithfully be by her side ready for whatever, supporting her like I have all these years. I just hope that she treats me well and that someday we can enjoy a Superbowl win together.

Enjoy this day,

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Jeremy and Jenny said...

I will as well. But hey, if Favre comes back next year again, we will have another shot at it. I think we'll even be better perhaps (even though we'll be without a few players).

the petersons said...

I don't think he will come back... and Pat Williams is 37 so he's done. Chestor Taylor needs to be resigned and our secondary needs some play makers... But if Favre doesn't come back then we have A HUGE hole to fill at QB.