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I wanted to write a hotel review of the hotel my family and I just stayed at in Hong Kong, the Hotel Jen. I’ve been too Hong Kong twice recently and both times the Hotel Jen came up as the cheapest hotel to stay at. The first time I didn’t stay at it because it seemed to be too far away from the central area of Hong Kong Island.

Well this past trip my family and I stayed at the Hotel Jen and I’m happy to say that we loved it! And I wanted to pass it on to all of you who are planning a trip to Hong Kong. I discovered that my original fears of the hotel being too far away from most things in Hong Kong, to not be true. With public transportation making traveling around Hong Kong incredible easy, it was no problem to be a little bit away from the Central area.

What’s nice is that you can save a TON of money by staying at the Hotel Jen and never even really notice the difference between staying directly downtown.

The room my family and I stayed in was the standard room they offer. It’s small, but if you’ve traveled big cities in China you will know that most rooms are small. The room however was very nice. Great TV with some channels (although not many) as well as clean and new. The non-harbor view was not great to be honest. You looked down mostly on rundown buildings with only a sliver of the mountain being visible.

The Hotel Jen also has a nice lobby area, restaurant, bar, pool and gym. Unfortunately for us it was slightly cooler when we last went so we didn’t get to enjoy the outdoor pool which is located on the roof of the Hotel. Also, the hotel staff did a great job, very friendly, and they spoke great English.

I can’t think of much more. Overall, we loved the hotel and would recommend anyone to stay there. Seriously, save yourself a ton of money by not staying directly downtown and spend it elsewhere. It’s easy enough to get around that location isn’t that important (in my opinion).

Enjoy this day,

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