Vikings vs Saints NFC Championship game

Well it's almost upon us, the NFC Championship game. As a Vikings fan I feel good about this game, a heck of a lot better then I did the Cowboys game. I think that we gained a lot of confidence crushing the Cowboys last week and I think we can take some of that steam into this week. It bothers me that so many people write the Vikings off in this game (similar to the Cowboys game), which is fine by me, put the pressure to win on the Saints.

I think that the Vikings have to do two things to win this game. First, get pressure on Brees. I know that it's obviously a good thing to pressure the opposing QB, but if our front four can keep him from making his passes it will be a long day for the Saints.

Secondly, we need to keep the Saints defense from hurrying Favre. Again, it's simple, but if we can get him the time he needs we could be in the Super Bowl.

This game will be won and lost in the trenches (I suppose most games are), but nonetheless it will be a good game with two great QBs and two fascinating teams. I'm looking forward to this game, actually I'm in Hong Kong right now so watching the game will be me and my Dad Ron huddled around a computer in a hotel room. I'm pumped, should be good.

Final Score Prediction
Minny 31
NO 28

It will be a tight game, but I think the Vikes can win it!

Enjoy this day,

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