Restaurants in Hong Kong

So in my traveling to Hong Kong I’ve decided to post about the restaurants I’ve eaten at. Granted the ones I’ve eaten at are all Western (mostly) chain restaurants, but I thought I would write about them anyways. If you’re wondering why I haven’t ventured out much while visiting Hong Kong it’s because my wife and I live in China and eating at these restaurants is a real treat. So hope this helps you plan your trip.

Here’s a list of some ethnic food you can find in Hong Kong; Nepali, Thai, Chinese, Australian, Italian, Indian, Vietnamese, Egyptian, French, and I’m sure many more.

But you will also find; TGIF (Fridays), Outback Steakhouse, Fat Angelo’s, Spaghetti House, Burger King, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Duke’s Deli, Subway and other western cafes and restaurants.

In addition to writing what places we know about here I also wanted to add my two cents about the locations we’ve eaten at. So here it goes:

Outback - My family and I loved eating at Outback Steakhouse. It was great food with all the favorites you can get in the States as well as a great location. The service was awesome and the prices were very good. Also, you get the free bread just as you would in the States.

Duke’s Deli - This was a fun little place for us to stumble upon. My wife had been craving a simple sandwich and she found it here. I got a piece of pizza and really enjoyed it also. It’s a deli and it’s in Hong Kong so it’s a little expensive but not too bad.

Fat Angelo’s - My wife and I would have to say that this is our favorite restaurant in all of Hong Kong. Great food, great service and they hook you up with a bunch of free bread that is pretty tasty. Its prices are typical for Hong Kong. If you’re craving some Italian food while here, this is the place for you.

TGIF - Ummm, this is the real reason I decided to write this article, because TGIF’s is not that great of a place to go… which is really disappointing. In Beijing my family and I love going to TGIF’s, but here it just doesn’t cut it. And it’s not like we just had one bad experience (that could be excused) it seems like the past couple times we went we were left spending A LOT of money and finding the food just average. Pass on TGIF’s and hit up Outback, you’ll be glad you did.

Pizza Hut - I know it may seem stupid to have a “review” of Pizza Hut on here, but the truth is that when you’re eating American fast food overseas you never know what you’re gonna get. Sometimes the restaurant is exactly like it would be in the States and other times it’s REALLY NOT. Well Pizza Hut I’m glad to report is the same good ole Pizza Hut you would eat in the States. If you don’t like to venture much, then Pizza Hut is a good place to eat.

KFC - This is an example of a restaurant in the States NOT being the same overseas. KFC is really not good at all. I haven’t eaten at one in Hong Kong so maybe it’s slightly different (I’ve eaten at KFC in China… unfortunately). I wouldn’t eat here if someone was paying me too.

McDonalds - MCD is the same as it is in the States with some added Asian dishes. One bonus here is that you can order breakfast food all day… Am I in Heaven? Iowa? Oh, it’s still Hong Kong.

Burger King - I love BK and will till the day I die. Hong Kong’s Burger King was no different than the States and was great to eat at.

Subway - Truth be told, I didn’t eat at Subway while in Hong Kong, but when I’ve eaten at them in China I’ve found them to be the same and good.

Well this may be short, but I hope it helps you to have a better experience to know what there is in Hong Kong as well as what to expect.

Enjoy this day,

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