Week 17 Recap and looking towards the Playoffs

As a Vikings fan, this week was exactly what we needed. Now remember I’m in China so I can’t watch the games, but from what I read it sounded like the Vikes came out and played incredibly. Granted the Giants had nothing but pride to play for, which seems like less and less of a reason for NFL players to play. It seemed like we ran a pass heavy first half which is exactly what we need to do from here on out. When we were winning it was because of Favre, not Peterson. We “preserved” Favre for this stretch of the season, I doubt he will come back next season, so let the man throw the ball 40 times.

But also it was awesome to see a few NFC playoff teams struggle this week. I know that the Saints didn’t start everyone and it seems like the Cardinals didn’t either, but either way it feels good. The Eagles however got rocked by the Cowboys which is great. That’s great because I hate the Eagles. Green Bay is still looking impressive and the Cowboys are shocking everyone with their late season run.

In the end the Vikes get a week off and one more in the Metrodome. I’m not sure at this point who I hope we get to play. We know it WILL NOT be the Eagles, because if they do win they will play New Orleans. Each team at this point is a scary team on any given Sunday… but the Vikes are no slouches either. I’m glad to have this win to put the past few weeks even more behind us.

Enjoy this day,

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Jeremy and Jenny said...

I just don't want to play the Arizona Cardinals. Even though I think we could definitely beat them AND we haven't lost at home yet, it still would be scary to me!

the petersons said...

I don't mind the Cardinals as much as the Packers... They are playing really well right now and could give us a tough time. I wouldn't mind playing the Cowboys, because they would need to come to Minnesota.