How to Improve The Amazing Race

So I’ve written about how much I love Biggest Loser and about my problems with the show here. But today I want to write about another show that I would like to make a suggestion to.

The Amazing Race is an awesome show and my wife and I love it. Here’s what they should do to change the show up:

1. Only poor or middle class people can compete on the show. This was my biggest problem with the show last season. Do you remember the lawyer siblings that won it? Well, I couldn’t get into that team, because they had so much to fall back on. What’s a million dollars to them? Not as much as it would be to a middle class family or someone working at McDonalds. I think there needs to be some sort of income threshold for contestants on this show and really any reality TV show. Then I could really be happy for them when they won, knowing it would change their lives.

2. Have an all hillbilly amazing race. All the teams being made up of two “rednecks”, I mean really, why not do this? My wife and I are only two episodes into the current season and already are rooting for the hillbillies. Last season, we loved the father and son from Montana. A season before that the married couple that were farmers were so entertaining to watch. (Even though they were sent home early on…) The people who’ve never traveled and don’t know much about other countries, I can get into watching this. So that’s my second suggestion, all hillbilly amazing race. The Amazing “Redneck” Race would be an excellent title.

3. Stop punishing teams for being successful. I get so bummed when a team works hard and gets a couple lucky breaks only to have the show halt them with some “pathway opens at 7am” sign. Why compete if you’re just gonna penalize the team that’s successful?

4. Not knowing the true timeline. I guess there isn’t an entertaining fix to this problem. I just get bothered when they show two teams in a “heated” race to the finish line and then when the second team gets there it’s dark (ok, that’s an exaggeration). Again, I don’t think you could find a solution to this. Because what’s the alternative? Showing a team finishing a task 4 hours before the next team even gets there? Not really. I just wanted to write this so that the show knows, that I know, that they ain’t foolin ‘ole Matt (and with that I will gladly apply to the Amazing “Redneck” Race).

That’s it for now, I will step off my soap box.

Enjoy this day,

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