Being Creative

So this morning I stumbled upon the “OK GO - This Too Shall Pass” music video on YouTube. I decided to watch it because I had heard about it from someone else. While watching I got the biggest smile.

But what struck me most about the video was how creative it is. Isn’t it amazing that with how easy it is to share ideas through the internet that people can still make new and creative things? We’re created to be creative, it’s in our DNA and it constantly amazes me. Things will always be produced that are; new, fresh, entertaining, and encouraging… and they will done in ways that no one thought of before.

I need to say it again, we’re all amazing and we’re all creative. It’s not just the hippies who sip expensive coffee, wearing turtle neck sweaters and have names like; LaRouge, Hanz, and Spoon. No, we’re all creative. Even if you’re not as creative as others, you have the capacity to make and do creative things. Trust me.

Like I said, ideas are shared easier now than ever. And instead of that making it more difficult to make new things, I think it can actually challenge us to be more creative. We’re pushed by what others are doing.

It’s difficult to be creative. It takes time and energy to make something… to make anything. But it’s worth it, both for you and for all of us. So let us in, make something new or put a fresh spin on something old, we’ll all be thankful for it.

Enjoy this day,

Here’s the video that made me smile and write this.

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