Top Ten Best Kids Movies

(I've since updated this list here.)

As a parent you get used to watching kids movies. In fact, sometimes to the point where you can quote you’re kids’ favorite movies line for line (ok maybe not that much). And you dread the times you ask your kids “What do you want to watch?” because in that moment you could be stuck watching Barney, but… on some wonderful occasions you get to hear your child ask to watch one of these movies. Here are my top ten favorite kids movies:

10. Ice Age 1 and 2 - I didn’t include 3 because I didn’t enjoy it as much. But the first two are super entertaining and provide many laughs. The scene where Sid and co. fight off the Dodo birds for the last watermelon is classic.

9. Horton Hears A Who - This one makes it because it’s funny, I mean common on, Jim Carrey and Steve Carell. Can you go wrong with that line up? I especially enjoy the line “In my world, everyone’s a pony, and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies.”

8. Madagascar 1 and 2 - Yeah, these movies are both really funny and enjoyable to watch. Great soundtrack with Madagascar 2 “I like’em big, I like’em chunky”

7. Cars - I love Owen Wilson which makes this an easy choice. Very creative movie that I still find enjoyable even after watching it close to 19,000 times (ok not that much).

6. Bug’s Life - To be honest I’m surprised to have this movie so high, but it has too many scenes in it that really make me laugh as well as some good message moments. Funniest moment of the movie is when the class of ants put on a play for the “warrior” bugs where everyone dies and then show them the mural they painted… I still laugh every time I watch that scene.

5. Wall-E - This is on here because Wall-E is a flat out loveable guy. Also, really creative movie and good message about something called “the environment” whatever that is…

4. Monsters Inc - This was a movie I never saw until I became a parent, but I love it. It’s really funny and is also really creative. When Sulley asks Mike Wazowski to make Boo laugh and he jumps in the air and lands in a… “painful” way, only to discover Boo wasn’t watching… makes me smile every time.

3. Shrek 1 and 2 - Some would argue these aren’t quite kids movies and maybe they’re right. Either way they’re really funny and I enjoy the fact that I can watch this with my kid and get some good laughs. I left 3 off because I didn’t dig it as much.

2. Toy Story 1 and 2 - This was a tough call putting this one in 2nd, but it was close. Pixar has a lot of the movies on this list, but these are the best. Tons of memorable lines like "I'm packing your angry eyes, just in case."

1. Kung Fu Panda - Wow! I really love Kung Fu Panda. So much so, that I will try and get my kids to choose this one most times when I ask them what they want to watch. My favorite moment is when Shi Fu asks Po to show him his Karate skills when he first arrives and Po tells him he can punch the punching bag thingy, to which Shi Fu responds “We use that to train kids and to prop the door open when it’s hot”. Favorite line “I love Kung Fuuuuuuu!” (Only because Sydney (my daughter) and I will mimic Po when screams this)

Honorable Mentions - Mulan, Up, Monsters vs. Aliens, Meet the Robinsons, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

(I've since updated this list here.)

What's your top ten?

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