Rewarding Excellent Customer Service

I had to make a phone call yesterday, one I had been dreading. I had to call Orbitz to straighten out some details with my family’s upcoming trip back to the States. I was dreading it, because you never know what the customer service will be like and how much the person helping you will actually “help”. I put the call off for days and finally found the courage to make the call.

And it… was… really good. I was pleasantly surprised at how “Tammy” took care of everything I needed in a polite and respectful way. She even helped me get some phone numbers of the airlines I need to call coming up (which I assume isn’t part of her job). Instead of being drained after making the phone call I was encouraged that good people and good customer service still exist.

So why am I writing this? Because I did something I need to do much more. I asked Tammy if I could speak to with her manager so that I could tell him what a good job she had done. After waiting on the line for another few minutes I got to tell Tammy’s manager how pleased I was. He told me that she would be recognized by her company. What only cost me an extra five minutes hopefully made Tammy’s day and maybe even helped her out with her job.

We as customers need to learn to reward excellent customer service. If we want customer service to get better we need to encourage those who do well at it.

Take a few minutes to help out the next person who helps you out. Make their day by rewarding excellence, you’ll be glad you did.

Thank you Tammy!

Enjoy this day,

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