A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Published Book Review

So I picked up this book from a used book store the other day and decided to give it a shot. Heck, I might get published! But as I drove home I realized I had made one crucial error in buying it… I didn’t check when it was published. When I flipped to the inside of the cover I discovered that it had been first published in 1990… ummm… suck. But I still gave it a shot and came away with some stuff I will share with you here.

Things I liked about the book. The book did write quite a bit about different ways to get published and although some of the ideas were a bit out dated there were some I would have never thought of. Crossword puzzles, movie reviews, and greeting cards were just some of the ideas that they laid out in this book that I wouldn’t have thought of. They also had good ideas for how to get published, in detail they tell you about writing local newspapers, national magazines and a few other ideas. I guess I would have only thought of writing a publisher and not newspapers/magazines. Also, there were some good tips about becoming a better writer.

Things I didn’t like about the book. The book was extremely outdated and made a lot of the information irrelevant. Also they wrote about a lot of ideas and some of them just didn’t appeal to me and I found myself scanning and skipping a lot of sections of this book because it simply didn’t connect with me.

Well I hope that I find a better book on how to get published. Until then.

Enjoy this day,

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the petersons said...

Thanks Evelina, I hope that I can keep you interested in our site.