Exciting New Inventions

I don’t often get excited about new things coming out, but today I picked up a magazine and found two inventions that will be coming out that got me excited.

sOccket Soccer Ball - This ball isn’t your normal soccer ball. It’s a soccer ball that generates and stores energy as it’s kicked around. After playing with it for 15 minutes you will be able to power a small light for three hours. Now that might not seem like a big deal, but when used in third world nations that can change their entire situation. And that is exactly the idea, each sale of these soccer ball chargers here in the US will go towards helping provide Third World nations with these.

Do-It-Yourself Glasses - These glasses are designed to be self adjusting. Simply turn and twist the dial on the side of the glasses to adjust the prescription. The developer of these glasses has a goal of distributing 1 billion of these sets to people living in Third World countries. There they will make a huge difference as the only pair of glasses a person will ever need.

Like I said I don’t get super excited about things like this, mainly because it seems like you read about stuff like this and never see it take off. But reading about these two inventions got me stoked. To see people using their gifts and abilities to help others is awesome. Both these ideas are really creative solutions to important issues.

Enjoy this day,

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