How To Increase Your Website Traffic

So I read about this idea recently and found it really creative and really shady. At first I didn’t do it, but have since succumbed to it and am glad I did. The idea is simple, set your homepage to your blog or website, but it doesn’t end there. Set everyone’s homepage to your website.

Of course, what this means is that each time a person using that computer signs in, they will knowingly (or unknowingly) be signing into your site. This is good, because blogging is a way of making money and more visits to your site means more money.

I have tried this with my family’s computer and mine, but internet cafes and public library computers (if you can change their homepage) are two other simple examples of computers you can do this with. It seems sneaky, shady, and unsatisfying, but it sure helps your website’s visits.

Do you have any sneaky ideas about gaining web traffic to share? Make sure and do it here.

Enjoy this day,

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Russian Sphinx said...

How did you post on your blog twitter icon at bottom of a page? It looks cute.

I am your new follower:)

the petersons said...

I will write a post about it in a day or so, thanks so much for following me!