I’m A Stranger Here Myself Book Review

I’m a huge Bill Bryson fan and so when I stumbled upon his book buried in my closet it was an easy decision to read it. This particular book was written by Bill after he and his family move to America after he had lived in England for 20 years. (Bill’s wife is English and their four children had all been raised in England) Originally a friend of his proposed that Bill write a weekly column for a paper back in England and each chapter is one of those articles.

Most of his articles are observations he makes about life in America, our food, the conveniences of life, and differences between life in England and America. Much of his writing also revolves around the area he has now moved to, New Hampshire. He takes time giving historical backdrops to his observations, which I always enjoy.

I loved reading this book because, like I already said, I love Bill and his writing style. When I dream of becoming a writer I would love to have the ability to re-tell stories from my life in a way similar to Bill’s. He’s funny, witty and takes most of his cheap shots at himself.

This book, in my opinion, was not as good as the previous one I’ve read Lost Continent, but it still had me laughing and nodding in agreement as I read through it. Some of the content and observations Bill makes in I’m a Stranger Here Myself are a bit outdated, but this is because he wrote the articles from 1996-1999.

For anyone who enjoys Bill Bryson and his work, you should definitely read this one, but know that he has other books that are better than this one. I look forward to the next book of Bill’s I read, he doesn’t let me down.

Enjoy this day,

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Anonymous said...

I'm excited to check this out! I read his book A Walk In The Woods and loved it...Thanks for the review :)

the petersons said...

Yeah for sure Ralph, I actually just picked up two more of Bryson's books and am looking forward to reading them as well.