Law Abiding Citizen Movie Review

(In sharing my opinion of this movie I will reveal things about it. If you’re not interested in having the movie spoiled, don’t read this)

I really didn’t enjoy this movie. There I said it. I don’t mind violence that much, but this movie had some super graphic and gory scenes in it. If you’re not into gore you will not enjoy this movie. Another problem I had with it was that I really couldn’t “buy into” any of the characters. I spent half the movie trying to figure out who was good and who I should root for and even at the end I was left confused as to who was the good guy. That might not seem that important, but the movie’s theme is good vs. evil, which was ironic sense it didn’t do a good job of identifying who was good.

If the movie had come out and been a more traditional film of revenge I might have enjoyed it more. The fact that the guy who loses his wife and daughter also turns crazy and is pure hatred really sucked. Again, maybe the plot would have been more predictable, but I was left wanting the Dad who lost everything to be vindicated and/or restored. Like I said, he turned out to be a huge creep and destroyed himself, which sucked.

I did like the fact that the movie had a suspense angle and also had some aspects to it that made you try and figure it out on your own. In the end though, it wasn’t enough of a pull for me to say that I enjoyed the movie. It’s too bad too because I like Jamie Foxx (I love the movie Collateral), but I will only remember this movie for how much I disliked it. Better luck next time.

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