Writer’s Block

I realized a few things yesterday. First off, I’ve been writing lately for the wrong reasons. I find myself writing for this website only to gain viewers, not to enhance my writing and to challenge myself. I also realized that it’s super hard for me to write column type posts. Just picking a topic and jumping in is a very difficult thing for me to do.

Originally I wrote stories, or rather, re-told stories about my family and our lives in China. People seemed to like it, so I tried to branch out. The reality is, writing is tough and it takes discipline. I will never be able to write novels, poems or song lyrics. I guess that is something that will help me become a better writer though, knowing what I won’t be able to write.

As I get better at projecting myself into these type of columns, I will do it more. But for now I’m gonna try and get back to what I do best (or at least better) and that is talking about my little stories. I will try to bring more substance to this site and not just traffic fishing posts.

Enjoy this day,

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