Vikings at Saints LIVE GAME THREAD

The NFL season kicks off today! And what better way than a rematch of last year’s NFC Championship game. As a Vikings fan, I have mixed feelings about this game. It makes me nervous to think of Brett Favre getting teed off on all game long, but on the other hand, we lost in overtime AFTER TURNING THE BALL OVER 7 TIMES! If a team can’t put a game away in 4 quarters after getting 7 turnovers, they’re not a good team. So if the Vikes can come out and play their game without the turnovers, I think we can win. My prediction:

Vikings 31 Saints 20

Post your comments below as we follow the game:


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the petersons said...

I would love to see Jared Allen and Ray Edwards take this game over.

the petersons said...

I can't stand Tedy Bruschi.

the petersons said...

Ouch! That wasn't pretty.

the petersons said...

Looks like the Vikes are starting to settle down. The Saints are picking apart our secondary.

the petersons said...

Come on Vikes stop them here. If we can stop them before the half and then get the ball... that would be very nice.