Enjoying Dinners... with kids and without

How’s your day going? I hope it’s going well.

It’s not uncommon for Heather and I to have friends over for dinner. Most of our friends also have kids and so it’s a great time to connect with others and for our kids to have some play time. Last night we had a family over and I was once again reminded that dinner with friends didn’t always include; getting up 80 times to help your kid before getting to enjoy your meal, trying to break up fights that started over a toy, making sure that uneasy quietness isn’t accompanied with something horrible, cleaning up spilled food and/or drinks, changing diapers, shouting over loud kids and getting prepped for bedtime.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I just like to reflect from time to time about what dinner with friends used to look like, without kids. The kind of dinner were afterwards we all sit around chatting, breaking out cards, dice, and/or Balderdash. It’s quite. And disaster free. Again, don’t get me wrong, even though life’s crazy with kids, I enjoy it thoroughly. It’s just a different kind of enjoyment.

Truth be told, I enjoy the chaos, you heard me right. I didn’t always and each day I embrace it more and more, but chaos comes with family and friends… and both of those things are good things. It’s one of the reasons I’m excited about our upcoming arrival of our third baby. It will ensure that our home won’t be quite/stress/crisis free for the next... well… long time.

Any thoughts about this?

Enjoy this day,

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Dragonblogger said...

For use, when we want dinners with friends without kids interrupting we have them spend a few hours over at Grandma who lives just a few minutes away.

I agree though, different life completely with little kids, I have two boys under ten.

the petersons said...

I wish our kids Grandma lived only a few minutes away, but being in China and them in the States makes it tough. Thanks for stopping by!

Carlo said...

I don't have any kids as of yet, but my friends and I are going through that different stage in life. Many have begun to get married or have been married and are beginning to have kids, and I realize now that many of those good times we had are no more, and that in the future they will be limited. Each stage of life comes with its joys and hardships. Thanks for the insightful post.

Aion said...

Hi Matt just checking in on you and your family to see how things were going! Here is a "link" to the Featured Profile that I did on your Blog :)


I just found your "follow me" button at the bottom of your page... I had been looking for it
Take Care!


the petersons said...

Carlo, I appriciate your thoughts. After writing this I felt I could spend more time writing about simply enjoying the place of life your in. Because we it's gone we can't get it back. Thanks for your comment.

the petersons said...

Aion, thanks again for taking the time to review my profile. Hope all is well with you.

bee said...

i'm still single now, but nice info for share...