Tiger Woods, Power, Money and Fame

So there’s this guy named Tiger Woods…

You may have heard of him. I guess he’s been in the news a lot lately. And I know what you’re thinking “Isn’t it a little late to be writing about Tiger?” And if you are thinking this, you’re absolutely right… but I didn’t have this blog then.

Actually this post has less to do with Tiger and more to do with priorities. Not just priorities, but the priorities we have as Americans. Striving for things like; money, power, fame, and climbing the corporate latter in this country are insane. These pursuits put an incredible pressure on us all. Sometimes to the point where we are working for things that really don’t even matter to us.

And in Tiger we see what all our pursuits can get us. Because Tiger had it all; a family, wealth, fame, popularity, and being the best at what he does. Can you imagine if you made hundreds of millions each year just for some company to use your face? Can you imagine being one of the most recognizable people in the world? Can you imagine being the VERY best at whatever you do?

And you know what… it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t satisfied with simply having it all, he needed more. How many of us thought it would be great to be Tiger Woods? How bout now? This is not a judgment coming from me on my high horse, no that looks like this…. Just kidding. It’s simply something we need to realize, having all that we’re told we need and that will make us happy, will fail us. It will never be enough and it certainly will not fill our lives with what truly matters. All the proof you need is Tiger.

If this comes off as judgmental, that isn’t my heart and please forgive me.

What do you think about this?

Enjoy this day,

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Jeremy and Jenny said...

Really good insight! This is all so true. We need to make sure of what our priorities are. We all need to take a good look in the mirror and say, "If I have the 100% best ____, will I be happy?" I bet more people would put "family" in that blank than "business" if they really thought about it. Not everyone obviously, but maybe a surprising amount.

MoreGames,Software and Gadged Review said...

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the petersons said...

Thanks Jeremy, I would hope more people would choose family.

the petersons said...

I orginally felt Adsense made a site looked cluttered, but I would like to start looking into possibly doing it.

Shabab Haider Siddique said...

Thanks. Actually I am just starting my graduation on CSE. Keep in touch. Wish to see u happy forever with your nice family.