Thank you… but I don’t trust you

I usually don’t plan what I’m going to write. Since starting this new blog I’ve had moments during my day which have sparked the articles you’re reading. Recently I had a moment like this. I was reminded of one of my all time greatest pet peeves and reminders that we instinctively don’t trust others. (Or at least people don't trust me... which I guess is fine, and rational)

As I was walking into my apartment building today, I noticed someone behind me. Trying to be the type of neighbor that would put Mr. Rogers to shame, I waited for the person behind me as I held the door open for them (It’s important to note that the door I was holding open was one that would shut on its own if I wasn’t holding it). Then as the person passed through the door they did something subtle that SHOUTS.

They put their hand on the door (to insure I wouldn’t let the door shut on them). That’s it. I know, petty isn’t it? This is one of those things I find myself noticing all the time. Because what the person is saying, without saying it is, “Thank you… But I don’t trust you”.

What does the person sliding their hand along the door as I’m holding it for them think I’m going to do? Let it go to slam on them? I love waiting for people and holding the door for them then letting it shut on them, get’s ‘em every time!

Sorry if this is a bit random, but I bet that you too will now notice this next time you open the door for someone.

What’s something petty that bugs you? Leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Enjoy this day,

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priyank said...

nice blog...good work..i am following you... plz do the samee.

Jeremy and Jenny said...

hahaha it's not something I'd think about, but I see what you're saying.

the petersons said...

Thanks for following priyank, Jeremy someone else mentioned it to me years ago and I always think of it.

Shri Krishna said...

Hey, some kind of attraction forced me to become follower of your blog. I think your smiling family photograph made me to do this.

the petersons said...

Haha Shri, thanks man glad to have you following our family

BLOGitse said...

oooh, here I can leave a comment!
I just tweeted I couldn't leave a comment - on your other blog! sorry!

Ni hao!
Visited China several times...First time was -89 in Beijing at the time when there was 'the incident'.

Expat greetings from Cairo! :)

brentnanna said...

Similarly, I think it's funny when you say something like, "Wow it's already 8:00!" and the people you're talking to all look at the clock or their watches themselves. Mistrusting or natural reflex? I'm not sure, but I do this all the time too.

the petersons said...

BLOGitse, glad you found the comments area, hope that Cairo is treating you well!

Brent- I never thought of that, but you're totally right. Maybe though, we're both really sketchy looking and that's why no one trusts us.