Reggie Bush?!

I'm so sick of hearing about how well Reggie Bush is playing! Give me a break. He's had what... one good game, last week... in a span of three years, ummm, hardly noteworthy. To be honest Reggie Bush has been one of the biggest disappoints (as far as hype to delivery ratio) in recent NFL history.

And guess what, that will only continue with his game against the Purple in the NFC Championship. Then all the Reggie lovers out there will fall back down to reality.

Another thing I'm sick of is no love for my Purple and Gold. We were an after thought in the Cowboys game and guess what... we came out and destroyed the 'boys. Same story this week with no one thinking the Vikings have a chance. Are you kidding me? What do the Vikes need to do to get some love around here?

I'm out!

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