Tips for Becoming a Better Writer - Use Twitter

OK, so lately I’ve been reading articles on how to become a better writer and a lot of times the advice to cut your stuff down is offered. To be able communicate the most important part of your message in the shortest amount of time is a gift, but it’s a gift that can be developed.

After reading the advice about editing your stuff down I also read someone say that Twitter is a great way tool to help you get better at this. They felt this way because when you use Twitter you’re only working with 160 characters or less so you’re stretched to be creative and to cut unnecessary stuff out. When I first read this I was a bit skeptical. Lately though I’ve seen how Twitter has helped me become a better communicator, here’s how.

Writing headlines to advertise my posts is where I’ve seen Twitter help me the most (with more visits to my site as well!). Like I mentioned earlier, this is because I’m forced to get better at writing with less space.

Twitter not only forces me to be creative, but it also lets me follow the real pro’s at this like Seth Godin who writes really good headlines.

It might not seem like much, but I’m glad to get to use Twitter if only for those two reasons. I’m also glad that someone passed on this advice of using Twitter to help me in my writing, because if they hadn’t, I wouldn’t have taken advantage of it.

I hope it helps you also!

Enjoy this day,

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Thomas said...

Twitter has definitely helped me with writing attractive titles as well. Like you said, lack of space creates a burden for creativity. Great post!

the petersons said...

Thanks Thomas! Yeah, I will keep using Twitter if only for the reason of it helping me write.