Why You Should Use Google Analytics To Help You Blog

I’ve found blogging to be an absolute blast to do, but today I wanted to share about a tool that helps me a ton in doing it. Well it’s actually a service Google provides called Analytics. Here’s their website www.google.com/analytics. If you write for a blog you need to use this.

What Google Analytics does is tracks the web traffic coming into your blog, but it will tell you incredibly detailed stats about each visit and visitor. It might sound like a simple service, but here are some ways it helps me. Hopefully it can help you too!

Here are the stats I find most useful and why:

Visits - Do you wonder how many people are coming to read your latest post? Well Analytics most basic feature answers that question by telling you how many people are coming to your site. It breaks down by day and you can adjust the filter to show the last month, 6 months, year, ect. This is a really nice feature to have, because knowing people are reading your stuff will encourage you to keep writing (I know it has helped me!)

Where they’re coming from - This is another stat that I find really useful. Analytics will tell you where people came from to get to your site, either by typing in the address, clicking on a link on another site or through a search engine. This is useful because I will put links on my Facebook and Twitter account and it will tell me if people are coming to my site through those sites. So if people are coming through those sites I will continue to post links… if not, I won’t waste my time posting links there. It’s also nice to see what posts have good search engine appeal.

Where they’re coming from - This time I mean what area of the world that they are coming from. And really, I like this feature mainly because it’s cool to see people all over the world coming to my site (ok, no one really comes to my site… I made that up).

New Visitors and Repeat Visitors - It might just be me, but I like to know how many people have come to my site. It helps me know if what I’m writing is good and if people are telling others about it and what not. So to cure this curiosity I look at these stats. It’s also nice to see if people are coming back to your site, because it means you’re writing stuff that’s useful and adding to other people’s lives… which is a good feeling.

Pages visited and how long they’re staying - Both of these stats help me by answering this question, are people enjoying what I’ve written enough that they stay and read more of what I’ve written? Again, it might just help me, but it’s encouraging to know that what I’m putting time and energy into is being read by someone. If no one is reading it, why am I gonna spend time writing it?

Well these are only a few of the features Google Analytics provides, but they’re the ones that help me most. If you blog, I encourage you to use this service.

Enjoy this day,

What things have helped you blog? Do you have any questions I can help you with?

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